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To an incoming Golden Hawk,

I can only imagine the excitement (and the nerves) you're experiencing as you prepare to take on Wilfrid Laurier University. As a now graduated student, I have to say that I'm envious of having your entire University experience ahead of you. Time flies, don't take that for granted.


This letter is meant to provide you with a little bit of comfort, as it comes from an ex-student who likely experienced the same things you're experiencing now. I was insanely nervous to come to University. I was worried about meeting new people, and I had no idea what direction I wanted to take my life once I got here. But just over the course of my first year, I quickly realized that this would be the place for me. By far, the best thing about Laurier is the community. Yes, we may be smaller than Western & Queens, but it's truly a blessing in disguise. As you begin to go experience O-Week, as you go to class, and as you find yourself familiarizing yourself with the campus, you're going to notice familiar face after familiar face, whether it be from your residence, the O-Week concert, class, or even the bar. That's the beauty of Laurier.


So while you may be nervous or directionless like I was, I'll provide a quick piece of advice: Everyone is in the same position as you are. That person that you may be nervous to talk to, is probably just as nervous to talk to you. I was that person. It took me until my second year to realize that I was not simply here for a degree. I was here to make friends, gain experience through the many volunteer opportunities on Campus, to grow as a person alongside my community, and to make the most of life before adulthood. You'll find comfort in your community, and build bonds that could last a lifetime. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. In fact, be eager for the opportunity to engage with your new fellow Golden Hawks. So when O-Week comes around, lose yourself in the moments where you're at Headphone Disco or the Welcome Back concert. And find yourself as you get your first taste of a community that will embrace you, and truly make you feel like you belong. Make this experience your own. 


Shane Symington
President and CEO

Laurier Orientation


Check out the extraordinary events we have planned for you!

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Meet the people working hard to make your first experience at Laurier a great one!


Can't find the information you are looking for? Email us at

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"O-Week gave me the chance to bond and form life-long friendships with my floormates and other first year students! All the O-Week events and activities were extremely fun and helped me fall in love with Laurier and showed me everything the school had to offer! I would encourage every first-year student to participate as much as possible because it's a great intro to your undergrad journey and an amazing opportunity to create memories you'll never forget!"

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"Orientation Week was a huge part of my university experience from my first to last year at Laurier. It exposed me to an incredible community of people as well as allowed me to give back to a school that gave so much to me. The memories from my 4 Orientation Weeks will last me a lifetime!"

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"Participating in Orientation Week is the perfect way to shake off any initial nerves that being a first-year student has. O-Week creates this sense of community where you are able to meet other students outside your residence and experience the opportunities that campus has to offer. I had such a great experience that it inspired me to volunteer with the Students' Union for the next three years." 

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"O-Week was such a turning point in my life, I went from being a nervous wreck on moving day to feeling more at home than I ever could've imagine in the span of a week! It solidified some of my best friendships and encouraged me to become an active member of the Students' Union. Without the unconditional support and positivity of my Icebreakers, I never would've had the confidence to get as involved as I did, I'm so grateful for O-Week!"

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"O-Week is a must have experience going into university that's full of good vibes and fun! It's definitely where I met most of my closest friends and it's a great way to meet people in your classes. If you're big on networking, I'd highly recommend it."

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"Being a part of O-Week really helped me get acquainted with the different clubs and resources on campus. I made a lot of friends and tons of memories! It's great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk! 💛💜"

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