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Meet the Team

Sarah Verburg

Orientation Program Facilitator

Program: Bachelor of Education

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Getting involved with so many areas of campus throughout my undergraduate degree and going out of my comfort zone. I've loved my time at Laurier so much I'm coming back for another degree.

Talk to me About: O-Week! Getting invovled on campus, The Summer I Turned Pretty tv show, or literally anything Laurier (I'm a walking encyclopedia)

Fun Fact: I love fries and mashed potatoes


Tilak Vyas

Activities Executive

Year: 4th year

Program: Game Design and Development

Minor: Option in Leadership

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: In third year some of the other GDD students and I went for a sunset picnic next to the Grand River after an especially long exam. We all brought something homemade and spent the evening singing songs and enjoying the weather. 

Talk to me About: Games, Music, Photography

Fun Fact: I grew up with four sisters including a twin. 

Melissa Handford.jpg

Melissa Handford

Activities Executive

Year: 4th year

Program: Psychology

Minor: Forensic specialization, minors in law and society and criminology

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Having a Secret Santa with the friends I made during my orientation week in my first year!

Talk to me About: Tea, Black Mirror, Taylor Swift, and books!

Fun Fact: I can place every country on a world map from memory!


Megan MacDonald

Logistics Executive

Year: 3rd year

Program: Bachelor of Social Work

Minor: Minor in Indigenous Studies and Youth & Children Studies

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Being able to utilize the Level One Lounge space in the One Market building for an Uno tournament where I met some amazing people who became close friends! 

Talk to me About: Cats, Laurier and/or things to get involved in, and food/cooking!

Fun Fact: I have been a figure skater since I was 2, and now I coach skating!


Ashley Ramdhan

Logistics Executive

Year: 3rd year

Program: Law & Society

Minor: Psychology and Criminology

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: My favourite Laurier memory would have to be Orientation Week for sure! it was the first time I was able to feel the true sense of community that Laurier brings to its students, it made me feel like I was part of a second family, and it allowed me to meet so many people that to this day, I am still friends with!

Talk to me About: Anything Laurier, music, tv shows, and pretty much anything else!

Fun Fact: This isn't about me but - you cannot say bubble angrily....seriously try it


Koyal Vyas

Communications Executive

Year: 5th Year 

Program: Digital Media and Journalism 

Minor: Psychology

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Sitting in the corner of RAC Courtyard with my fellow Head Ice and Execs during O-Week eating Lonnies while students enjoyed We Got Game and other activities

Talk to me About: Starbucks, Laurier Volunteering, Social Media, Photography!

Fun Fact: I'm left-handed!

Bailey Arnold.jpg

Bailey Arnold

Shinerama Executive

Year: 4th Year 

Program: Social Work

Minor: Minor in Psychology and Indigenous studies 

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: My favourite Laurier memory so far was Orientation Week 2021. It was my first year being an ice-breaker and I was able to meet and connect with fellow Golden Hawks. I also was able to create so many memories and establish life-long friendships! 

Talk to me About: 1) Fitness 2) Social Work  3) The Office & PLL 

Fun Fact: I love to bake! 


Eugenia Garcia-Pena

LOCUS Liason Executive

Year: 3rd year

Program: Social Work

Minor: Youth and Children Studies and Education

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Taking naps in the Student's Union Building in between midterms (highly recommend) 

Talk to me About: LOCUS, Bachelor of Social Work Students' Association, First Year Leadership Program, Crystals

Fun Fact: I love crystals! I wear them all the time and even make my dog wear one on her collar too!  

IARA (1).jpeg

Iara Weisemberg 

Head Icebreaker

Year: 3rd year

Program: Law and Society 

Minor: Human Rights and Human Diversity, Criminology 

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Becoming captain of the dance team and watching the team grow into a small family. Also seeing all the performances and support from Brantford and the students during the year-end showcase filled my heart with so much joy and pride. 

Talk to me About: Students Union, Advocacy, pop culture... the list can go on.... Literally, talk to me about anything!!

Fun Fact: I can speak fluent Spanish and somewhat fluent French :)


Sarah McCrady

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th Year 

Program: Criminology 

Minor: Physical Forensics 

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: My orientation week in first year when we had the paint party. I met some amazing people who are still my friends to this day!

Talk to me About 1. Movies 2. Colleen Hoover 3. Laurier/oweek!

Fun Fact: I have a new puppy named Arthur! 


Nadine Simonffy

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Social Work

Minor: Human Rights and Human Diversity

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Making friends volunteering for the Student Rights Advisory Committee and getting to learn lots through our work.

Talk to me About: Parkour, your rights as a tenant, poutines of Brantford, fun facts about campus

Fun Fact: I've touched the bell in the bell tower of Brantford City Hall.


Erika Marando

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Law and Society 

Minor: History

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: My favourite memory at Laurier is when my roommates and I went to the games lounge to study during Midterms and they had a polaroid photo booth with props. We took a lot of pictures (that are now on our fridge) and had a lot of fun!

Talk to me About: The Law and Society Association, The First Year Leadership Program, how to get free things on campus and Pokémon

Fun Fact: I was born in Italy


Hao Pan

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Game Design 

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: The first in person O-Week after Covid was a memorable one. Being able to see everyone again in person and getting to enjoy some proper orientation events was quite memorable. 

Talk to me About: Video games, Anime, Music

Fun Fact: I can speak both English and Mandarin 


Sierra Mihalco

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Forensic Psychology

Minor: Criminology Minor, Law & Society Minor

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: Going to the Headphone Disco during Orientation Week when I was in first year. I met two amazing people and we danced/sang horribly all night, laughing and losing our voices. They came to be my roommates and closest friends to this day!

Talk to me About: 1) Psychology 2) Student Housing Rights 3) RuPaul's Drag Race 4) Cats

Fun Fact: I played hockey for 10 years.


Kirsty Horner

Head Icebreaker

Year: 3rd year

Program: Social Work

Minor: Law and Society and Criminology

Favourite Memory @ Laurier: My favourite Laurier memory is meeting some of my current roommates through different clubs and association at Laurier. It was my favourite memory because not only did we get to build amazing friendships, but we get to live together too! 

Talk to me About: Social Work Laurier on campus employment Laurier student supports (career centre, wellness centre, ALC, etc)

Fun Fact: I am double jointed

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