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Meet the Team

Mahsa Eskandari

AVP: Programming

Year: Recent Grad

Program:  Communication Studies Specialization

Talk to me About: Reality-TV, Cheerleading, Travel and Music!

Fun Fact: When I auditioned for the Next Star when I was 12

Victoria Stranges - Marketing Executive.jpeg

Victoria Stranges

Marketing and Communications Executive

Year: 4th year

Program: Communication Studies with Management Option

Talk to me About: Anything music or art related!

Fun Fact: I know how to crochet!

Sofia Pazienza - Logistic Executive.jpeg

Sofia Pazienza

Logistics Executive

Year: 4th year

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

Talk to me About: F1 

Fun Fact: I have been involved in SU since my first year and am currently the coordinator of Hiring & Recruitment 

Karly Snyder - Volunteer Liaison.jpeg

Karly Snyder

Volunteer Liaison 

Year: 5th year


Talk to me About: your favourite summer activity!!

Fun Fact: I am on the Laurier Equestrian Team

Grace Ronan - Volunteer Liaison.jpeg

Grace Ronan

Volunteer Liaison 

Year: 4th year

Program: Music

Talk to me About: Travel, plant-based restaurants, and badminton 

Fun Fact: I sing classical music and opera!

Rebecca Le - A-Team Coordinator and Marketing Exec.JPG

Rebecca Le 

A-Team Coordinator

Year: 4th year

Program: Film Studies

Talk to me About: Anything photography & videography related, Greys Anatomy, Role Model, and of course Gracie Abrams :)  

Fun Fact: I blew up on tiktok because of my highschool music teacher  

Kaitlyn Brown - A-Team Coordinator.jpg

Kaitlyn Brown

A-Team Coordinator

Year: 4th year

Program: Chemistry with a minor in mathematics

Talk to me About: Anything about Laurier and getting involved!

Fun Fact: Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. 

Matilda Morrison - LOCUS Liaison.JPEG

Matilda Morrison

LOCUS Liaison

Year: 3rd year

Program:Psychology (BA) Minor in Education

Talk to me About: Living off campus, sports (especially hockey) and getting involved!

Fun Fact: I was named after a kangaroo 

Sarah Hudson - Go-Team Lead.jpg

Sarah Hudson 

Go-Team Lead

Year: 3rd year

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

Talk to me About: Anything to do with baseball (specifically the Blue Jays), fun places to travel, Laurier's First Year Leadership Program and clubs/committees to join!

Fun Fact:I  have donated my hair 4 times now and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! 

Broderick Norwich - Head Ice Breaker.jpeg

Broderick Norwich 

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Political Science 

Talk to me About: Moving from a small town to a big city, and switching programs or uncertainty in your current program! 

Fun Fact: Growing up I always wanted to be a cowboy

Vivian Chiem - Head Icebreaker.jpeg

Vivian Chiem

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Political Science

Talk to me About: Your favourite food spots, music taste, places to see the sunset, and anything that you’re passionate about!

Fun Fact: My drawing is tattooed on someone’s arm!

Sarah Brophy - Head Icebreaker.HEIC

Sarah Brophy

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program:Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Psychology

Talk to me About: The Students' Union, dance, all things BBA, and reality tv!

Fun Fact:  I am the Recreational Dance Supervisor and I teach also teach jazz :)

MacKenzie Sechi - Head Icebreaker.HEIC

MacKenzie Sechi

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Bachelor of Music

Talk to me About: Recommendations for new books to read (I'm currently making my way through The Song of Achilles!)

Fun Fact: I love to bake, especially cookies and pies!

Joshua Aube - Head Icebreaker.jpeg

Joshua Aube

Head Icebreaker

Year: 3rd year

Program: Math (UW)/BBA (WLU) Double Degree

Talk to me About: O-week, icebreaking, food places, hiking spots, tv shows

Fun Fact: When I was very little I used to love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate

Megan Spenler - Head Ice Breaker.HEIC

Megan Spenler

Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Business

Talk to me About: Getting involved at Laurier, sports or country music!

Fun Fact: I am the Associate Vice President of Clubs & Associations on the Waterloo campus!

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