Talia Pitt, AVP: Programming Waterloo




Talia Pitt

AVP: Programming

Year: 4th year

Program: Psychology Research Specialization

Talk to me About: Tv shows, Traveling, O-week

Fun Fact: I have a snow globe collection


Lily Thong

Marketing and Communications Executive

Year: 4th year

Program: Double major in Political Science and Psychology

Talk to me About: Getting involved in Students' Union and trying new things 

Fun Fact: I’m bilingual! 


Vered Hermant

Logistics Executive

Year: 4th year

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

Talk to me About: Basketball, travelling

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister


Liam Chapin

Volunteer Liaison 

Year: 4th year

Program: Sociology and History

Talk to me About: Laurier, getting involved, geeky things, opinions on a hotdog being a sandwich

Fun Fact: I play the trumpet!


Megan Bagley 

Volunteer Liaison 

Year: 5th year

Program: Communication Studies 

Talk to me About: Spin classes, Laurier equestrian team & how much I love Laurier! 

Fun Fact: I have been horseback riding for 17 years 

thumbnail_Vivian's Headshot_edited.jpg

Vivian Chiem

A-Team Coordinator

Year: 3rd year

Program: Political Science with a Public Policy Specialization and Environmental Studies Minor

Talk to me About: Literally anything from the arts to the fear of Waterloo geese

Fun Fact: I saw and celebrated the winning World Cup 2018 team in France!


Leah Macdonald

Shinerama Coordinator

Year: 4th year

Program: Biology

Talk to me About: Travelling, sushi, coffee, and your favourite music! (I'm always looking for new songs to add to my repertoire!)

Fun Fact: Despite playing a lot of sports growing up, the only bone I've broken is my pinky in Grade 11 gym class playing dodgeball


Sadie Houston

Blue Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: BBA

Talk to me About: Travelling! (I haven't been to that many places but I really want to go to Europe one day), living in Willison Rez, wake surfing, or your favourite thing to do in the summer!

Fun Fact: The entire world's population can fit inside the city of Los Angeles! 


Isabelle Wong

Gold Head Icebreaker 

Year: 4th year

Program: General BA

Talk to me About: Dogs, travelling experience, Disney, your hiking spots and favourite adventures, and anything involves food!

Fun Fact: I am pretty good at remembering random things like, people’s birthdays, directions to a place where I have only been to once or twice, and my debit card number. 


Camryn Gaudet

Red Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Economics with Management Option

Talk to me About: Anything creative like painting, sewing, knitting etc., reality tv and music

Fun Fact: I played in a rock band as a child and made it on the London news


Madeline Warner

Green Head Icebreaker

Year: 3rd year

Program: Biology

Talk to me About: Tv shows and movies (I’m a sucker for reality tv), living in Conrad Res, help with directions to places (it’s my talent)

Fun Fact: You can’t hum and plug your nose at the same time


Mahsa Eskandari

Blue Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program: Communications

Talk to me About: All things trashy television and music!

Fun Fact:  I have a pet rabbit!  


Nick Morton

Gold Head Icebreaker

Year: 5th year

Program: Biology

Talk to me About: fishing, sports (especially the Leafs), any travel suggestions, and new recipes to try!!

Fun Fact: I used to play volleyball, both indoor and beach, and even have a full beach volleyball court in my backyard


Bianca Filip

Red Head Icebreaker

Year: 5th year

Program: Math (UW)/BBA (WLU) Double Degree

Talk to me About: O-week, icebreaking, WLU dance rec, food places, hiking spots, tv shows

Fun Fact: When I was very little I used to love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate


Nicole Grossman

Green Head Icebreaker

Year: 4th year

Program:  Communications

Talk to me About: Photography, baking, and dance

Fun Fact: I met the entire Vallastro family on vacation (yes the cake boss himself, I know)